Week 1: Bristol to Bath Cycle Path

Sunday 3rd January

Good to know I can jump up run a 1/2 marathon from pretty much scratch. Relieved it’s under 2hrs, thought the first one would be very ropey indeed!! Absolutely poured down from start to finish. May have to adjust this route when I use it again in the future as got to 21.08km’s and then had to run about another 1km into Bath for the train home!! Shorter shorts and a sandwich bag to keep my phone my phone dry are required I think.

I figure this next 12 months should be as much about the people I meet and the places I go on the journey, with that in mind I met and ran with Deejay May-Z along the path. We did a good few K’s at 5min pace.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s sponsored me already, response has been massive and we’re currently at £645 already! If anyone would like to join me next week or for some training this week just get in touch.



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