Week 2: Bristol Solo Circular

Sunday 10th January

As predicted I was feeling pretty fragile leading into this one. With barely any training for the first run I knew that even with a week between runs my feet and calves might not be fully recovered from last week. In my head I thought that if I headed out on Sunday to Durdham Downs from my house and just see how that goes- if I feel terrible then leave it until mid-week to complete Run number 2. Getting through the first month without injury is absolute priority.

As it was, I felt absolutely great once I got going. The [now routine] downpour in the first 20 minutes didn’t really phase me and cracked on up to Durdham downs, through Clifton, across the bridge and down through Ashton Court. I then head back to the City via Ashton Gate, the home of Bristol City FC and along the southside of the river. I skirted through town and finished in St Paul’s/ St Werburgh’s. Really should plan circulars a bit better to finish at home as I then had a 25-minute walk in the rain to get home. Shaved 5 minutes off last week’s time which is great.

IMG_0009No meet ups this week on the run to report. I’ just not sure Durdham Downs and Clifton is ready for a chirpy northerner saying hello to ever runner I pass!

We’re totalling £1297 at the week 2 mark. Thanks to everyone who has donated this week, much appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

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