Week 4: The Hilly Heights of Bath Spa in Memorial to Dan

24th January 2016

At 8am on Tuesday 19th January, Dan Young was stabbed on his way to work in Morden, London. Dan’s older brother, Chris is a dear friend whom I went to University with from 2003-2006. Week 4’s run of Bath is dedicated to the memorial of Dan and to the family that he was cruelly snatched from.

It’s been 10 days since my last run, my plantarfascia has been problematic but has improved as the week has gone on. As such I planned to do a run that would keep the pace slower whilst still providing a challenge. Bath Spa sits in a valley basin with steep hills on either side of the river. My route took on the biggest hills in the city. I was grateful to be joined by Renee McGregor, a colleague, friend and performance sports nutritionist. Not only this, Renee is an accomplished distance runner so I was in for a good hard run. We set off straight up Widcome Hill to start, 1.4km long, 143m of elevation with average 9% gradient which ramps up steeper than that at the start and end. A pinchy beginning to the day! I felt dreadful at the start-residual of a head cold courtesy of Autumn! That was pretty much the pattern for the morning, up and down hills, along the flat. Unfortunately the flat is where Renee simply nudged the pace and I hung on with my HR teetering above 90% of maximum. She made for an unforgiving pacemaker! 90minutes and 300m of climbing later we found ourselves back at the bottom of Widcome for the last climb up to the University. At the end of it we totaled 21.5km 558m of vertical gain across 4 climbs. A good run out!

At week 4 we’re totaling £1772, thanks to everyone for their support this week. You can now follow my progress on twitter @bobsgrandappeal. Renee’s book Training Foods is a great read for all athletes- check it out.

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