Week 5: Bristol Solo Circular (Take II)

30th January 2016

IMG_0089New trainers, new running vest, time to have a crack at a new PB. Decided not to have any breakfast on Renee’s recommendation from last week and it turned out to work really well. I started out on just a coffee and a good feed of carbohydrate the day before. My target setting off was 1hr40mins, 6mins50sec better than last time. I managed today’s in 1hr43mins19secs. I started out a lot quicker than last time and covered the first 10km in 48mins09secs. This would need to be 47mins24secs to be on pace IMG_0088for a 1hr40mins half marathon time (45 seconds off the pace). My 15km time 1hr12mins54secs will need to be 1hr11mins06secs (1min48). By 20km (1hr37mins36secs) I was1hr34mins48secs (2mins48secs back) and then evidently by the 21.1km mark 3mins19secs off my target. Basically I need a 4min43secs average pace per km and my 4mins53secs just didn’t cut it! Got home to this littler cherub, just after a nap! So at the start of week 5 we’ve managed to topple the £2000 mark at £2039.50. Absolutely amazing, I’m so grateful to everyone who’s contributed to the journey so far. Please find my sponsorship page at justgiving.com/bobsm100. Thanks for reading.

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