Week 6: Bob vs Storm Imogen

8th February 2016

The Team Bath MCTA gang

I took the weekend off due to poor weather and instead looked to complete week 6’s run one weeknight after work. Looking at the forecast for no rain I picked Monday night- what I didn’t bank on was the tail-end of storm Imogen providing a relentless headwind. After getting a great send off from the tennis players at Bath I headed out on a route through Bath and onto the cycle track to Bristol. The wind picked up about half way through and battered me into the dark. Much to my joy this was accompanied by a freezing downpour in the last couple of kilometres.

My speed vs heart rate outputs from Strava tell a tale- heart rate drifting up as you’d expect but speed drifting lower as the run went on. Fortunately it doesn’t show the moment when my phone ran out of battery at the end and I spat my dummy out… I think this is called character building! 21km took me as far as Lawrence Hill as my phone ran out. Reluctant to run even further I rang Katie for a lift who had just put Autumn to bed…. “Are you joking?” was her reply. Thankfully she came to get me! Not a pretty night for running 21km but happy that I got the job done!

This week my colleague and friend Luke Vella announced his world record attempt on 18th May by deadlifting 5600kg in 60secs. His attempt requires 40 reps at 140kg-it’s going to be very messy indeed!

Thanks to everyone for the support this week, we’re currently at £2482 in week 6. For more on Luke’s event check out at http://www.JustGiving.com/Luke-Vella details and stories will go on the website bobsgrandappeal.wordpress.com and of course if you’d like to sponsor me at JustGiving.com/bobsm100

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