Week 7: Liversedge 1/2 Marathon

Sunday 14th February

AftIMG_0406er feeling like I’d survived the baptism of fire that was January, this week I might have taken a turn for the worse. After a warm up run of 4 miles on Friday morning I’m showing a few signs of a patella tendinopathy. Feverishly foam rolling, stretching, routine ibuprofen and green tea I turned up at my first official start line of the 52 having no idea how my knee would react. Fortunately, it held up fantastically well. My routines before hand were luckily enough!

Katie and I set off from my parent’s house for a perfect Valentines Day outing in the Yorkshire Dales! The race was made up of 500 keen amatuers on a beautiful, crisp, sunny day- perfect running conditions. The course was virtually all tarmac and pretty hilly! My main aim for the day was to enjoy running as part of a big group of people. I put my phone deep into my pocket and decided that I’d run as well as I IMG_0408could, ignore the time and just enjoy the challenge. At 6 miles I realised I was running at what may previously have been a decent pace but I felt very comfortable. I sped up and pushed more into an uncomfortable zone of effort. I feel like this amount of focus is what it will need to push faster speeds as I get fitter…. A bit like Tyler Hamilton in The Secret Race… just without the EPO…. or the massive VO2 max! I’d presumed I would just go faster at a set perceived exertion but maybe my running economy is going to lag behind my cardiovascular improvements- we’ll see. At mile 11 I saw The Groupies (Katie, Katie’s sister Daisy and Autumn). and after that it was a flat-ish 2 miles into the finish for a free t-shirt and a well earned bacon and egg butty

At week 7 of 52 we’re at a fantastic £2789. Thank you so much to everyone has support me this week. justgiving.com/bobsm100,

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