Week 9: North Bristol River Run

28th February 2016

Following last week’s run my right knee was such a mess, just getting to the start line this week seemed pretty unlikely! We worked out my knee cap was being pulled outwards and tilted slightly, leaving my knee angry and irritated. I thought I was either going to Screenshot 2016-02-28 17.31.31have to wait until Tuesday/ Wednesday to get it done or choose a substitute session. Ros Cooke on Tuesday and Barry Edwards on Friday really helped me out with their treatment- a massive thank to you both for taking the time to see me before and after their working days! I’ve stacked ibuprofen, green tea and ice at nights plus foam rolling to try and reduce the inflammation and pain. Any useful training was out of the question until Friday. I just chose to sulk on a foam roller instead! All of this just reinforces the need to do strength training to correct the detrimental effects of long distance running.

Today was good fun. I set out with the only route plan to try and follow the river north from our house up towards the M4. I got completely lost in beautiful parts of Bristol I’ve never been before- some fantastic, some the UWE campus! I felt like I ran pretty hard, it’s not reflected in the time due to the amount of backtracking I had to do! Thankfully I always had the BT Tower a few hundred yards from our house which was almost constantly in sight to zig-zag back to. Screenshot 2016-02-28 17.31.49

Thanks for all the support this week, our current running total is £3,032 at the start of week 9. Events and opportunities to get involved are in the pipeline so please watch this space. Please see justgiving.com/bobsm100 to support the cause. Thanks for reading.

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