Week 10: Bonking in Droitwich

Sunday 7th March

Valentine’s Day at the Liversedge 1/2, Mother’s Day took the family to Droitwich 1/2 Marathon near Worcester. Today was a tale of poor race day nutrition and I suffered for it…badly! Saturday’s carb loading was good but this morning brekkie of eggs & toast just wasn’t enough. The race guide said “race sponsors Cotswolds will be supplying Carb gels to all runners” so with that I took on my only gel pre-race to top up breakfast. What I didn’t quite know is that the free gels would be given out at the finish line approximately 5miles after I bonked (technical term for arse falling out/ running out of glycogen). What accompanies bonking is a psychosomatic reaction including a reduction in speed, increased perceived effort… Oh and misery!

Droitwich was a beautiful, deceptively hilly course through the countryside of Worcester with a double loop of Jacob’s ladder, a warren of country roads that completely disorientates at miles 6-9 before heading back to the finish. Great to have Katie and Autumn at the end to look forwards to seeing.

It’s been a massive week for the campaign. An interview on BBC radio Bristol on Saturday and a shortlisting for the Bath Pride Awards 2016. Really exciting and humbling. At week 10 we’ve hit £3200. More sponsors and more excitement required- today I suffered more so than usual for the cause: Onwards to £4000!


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