Week 13: Underestimate 1/2 Marathons at Your Peril

Monday 28th March

The last 1/2 marathon of Quarter 1 of my challenge delivered yet another lesson like a massive slap around my face… and both my knees, hips and feet! After the big events of the Bath 1/2 and Forest of Dean 1/2 I’ve seen this week as a ‘break’. A break from travel, organised start times and full half day outings to do the run. Over the Easter Weekend we hosted friends and family and made a start on landscaping the garden on Friday Saturday. Sunday night arrived and I decided that I’d do the run on Monday AM. Just get up and go. Feed up Sunday night and head out fasted in the morning. Done it before, I’ll do it again, cruise along and take in some sights of Bristol. 60mins in and the effects of 2 days of labouring and half-arsed carb loading really began to pinch! 90mins in and I was crawling back home- hips screaming and both knees on fire I must have looked like Eddie Izzard on the last day of his epic 27 days marathons in 27 days (minus the nail polish but close to tears). His journey heroic, mine just pathetic! This was my slowest 1/2 marathon yet, the bottom completely fell out in the last 5km.

I’ve got some serious work to do on my body before my next run. Right knee pain is manageable but becoming all too familiar in the days between runs and on the runs its definitely a problem now that it subtly affects the way I run and is abnormally loading the other leg, hence the pain there too. Lesson learnt…

1) nail down a day and prepare for it

2) each run needs a goal-goals give structure & targets to achieve

3) gym gym gym gym get in the gym!

Thanks to everyone who’s sponsored me his week, 1/4 of the way through the year we’re currently at £3400. A massive thank you to everyone who’s supported me so far in this journey. If you haven’t supported The Bristol Children’s Hosptial yet but would like to please go to justgiving.com/bobsm100

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