Week 15: Training 1/2 Marathons Begin

Wednesday 13th April

Today is the first trial at a training period with the 1/2 marathons. By breaking each 1/2 into various intervals over the next 13 weeks my aim will be to increase my race speed. Today was a pyramid of 1 x 10km, 1 x 5km, 2 x 2.5km and 1 x 1.1km from University of Bath home to Bristol. The target to run 21.1km total faster than my 1hr40mins39secs PB, try to increase my aerobic fitness and running economy at higher paces. So, here’s some achievements from the day:

So really happy with this start, the 5km I got a bit lost so that came in at 25mins07secs.  I think by this point I was starting to fade a bit. But then 1x 1.1km to finish in 4mins47secs. All in all it came in at 21.5km in 1hr42mins12secs. When I do this again the goal is to get progressively quicker as the reps get shorter. Think today I was too fatigued off the first 10km to sustain higher paces in the 5, 2.5’s and 1’s. Not sure I could have run much faster for each of them at the moment. A good experiment all the same!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported The Grand Appeal this week, we’ve tipped the £3500 mark with over 145 donations. Please go to justgiving.com/bobsm100 if you’d like to support a great Hopsital!


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