Week 16: Angry Intervals from Bath to Bristol

Monday 18th April

Today’s run was a repeat of last Wednesday’s outing. After a long day at work I really

Neat little pile of kit when I got home, completely forgot to take it with me to work!

wasn’t expecting much… especially that I’d left all my running gear at home! Thankfully I did have my trainers. So I beg, stole and borrowed and manage to piece together an outfit, I swear the shorts must have been kids sized- luckily they fit like a glove!

I ran angry- no idea why but I was in the mood to get this over and done with! The first 10km didn’t start great but once I got going, chasing a time made me really speed up. After a sloppy first 5km I finished the 10km with another personal best for the year of 46mins36secs. Something came over me for the 5km interval, I just felt like a crazy man through the streets of Keynsham- another PB of 22mins55secs. It was at this point in the day where the joys of my first 15km ran out, along with my phone battery and GPS. I limped back north of the City of Bristol, looking forward to a chocolate milkshake from the shop in St Werburgh’s. I think with a bit more sugar I could have had a decent crack at the 2 x 2.5km.

IMG_0140I’m happy with the progress of the 10’s and 5km’s. They are both good distances to do more work around lactate threshold paces to try to improve my running economy. Still not sure 1 run per week is going to improve my distance-running capabilities but we will see! Next week is a big week for the campaign, not only is it 1/3 through 2016 but it is also Luke Vella’s world record attempt in deadlifting 5500kg total weight in 60secs. Unbelievable to see, looking forward to it. Please check out Jusgiving.com/lukevella as he joins me in fundraising for The Grand Appeal and The Bristol Children’s Hospital.

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