Week 18: 4 x 5km’s with a Cheeky 1.1km to finish

Wednesday 4th May

My interval running continued tonight, breaking up 21.1km into 4 equal 5km runs then topped off with the remaining 1.1km. It was a beautiful sunny evening in Bristol and I started by Whitehall School after dropping this little cherub off there to meet her mum.

5km is a great distance to work on endurance work around lactate turnpoint 1 or the speed at which blood lactate starts to accumulate. In theory my training adaptation over time should be an increase in speed at which significant lactate accumulation begins, therefore allowing me to maintain a higher 1/2 marathon pace. So I set off with a PB in mind for the 1st 5km, pushing my speed as much as I could. The only issue with this is that I would probably fade quickly in the latter 5km’s. Question being is it better to run this one as fast as possible, knowing I would fade or pace all 5km’s a little slower and see how many km’s I can accumulate faster than race pace…. ?

IMG_4114And so with a predictable outcome, 5km No.2 was horrendous- much slower- massive stitch and legs just gone, still shifting the acidosis out of my muscles from rep 1. After a gel and some fluid, rep 3 was a dream, somehow finding my legs again. I did an out and back along the cycle path, 2.5km on a slight uphill gradient followed immediately by 2.5km back downhill. Felt like I was just cruising along at 185bpm (approx 95% of my maximum heart rate)… the speed wasn’t great but the work effort felt strong. Rep 4/4- disaster- absolutely gone! Nothing left in the tank, mentally or physically. Managed to push on around to by Snuff Mills and up to my favourite Bristol landmark, the BT Tower in Purdown! I had the added incentive to make it home for Autumn’s bedtime and I made it with 10mins to spare.

Tough evening but feeling healthy. Patella tendon pain has gone, calves and hamstrings now need some more conditioning to cope with higher running speeds. Thanks to everyone who has contributed this last week, Luke’s fantastic work last week gave a big bolster in support and I’m grateful for Sam’s family for supporting also. We’e now at £3895, nearly 50% of the way to my £8000 target. Can we get over the £4k mark for Sunday’s 2 Tunnel’s 1/2 Marathon in Bath?





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