Week 21: South Bristol Circular

Saturday 21st May

Today was a solo exploration south of the river Avon. After the crowds and sunshine of the IMG_4225Bristol 10km, this was a welcome relief to go at my own easy pace and enjoy the ride. I headed down to Bristol Temple Meads and crossed IMG_4237the river into Arnos Vale, famed for it’s brightly coloured houses on the hilltop. Then down through Bedminster and North Street weaving in and out of side-streets, through skateparks and around the green parkland. I crossed the river back into the city around 14km and weaved my way up to the Children’s Hospital. I like running past the hospital, pat Sean the Sheep’s head and look up at the staircases that we spent 6 days going up and down in November. Always a reminder to be grateful and thankful! From there I headed back up Gloucester Road and home. Back in bed for 10.30am with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning!

I never really hit top gear in this run and it all felt pretty IMG_4241straightforward. It’s taken 20 weeks but my body has pretty much conceded to me doing this each week without too many arguments. I finished the run tired and achy but by no means in some of the states that I have in the past dragging myself home! Onwards and upwards.


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