Week 22: Whoops Went Too Far (North Bristol River Run II) 

Tuesday 31st May

What started as a innocuous trot out on a Tuesday night turned into one of my  most beautiful runs so far. Starting straight out of my back door into rolling fields of Purdown, looping down and under the motorway to find a hidden gem in Bristol- The Froome Valley Pathway. Starting close to the city centre I covered 11km of running with a total of 100yds of roadway- the rest is a riverside walk heading north out of the city. By the time you resurface out of the forest and into civilisation you’re miles from home. IMG_4340.PNGI made a loop around the village at the top of the track hitting 11km and then dropped back into the Froome Valley to head back home. I arranged to meet Katie in St Paul’s on her way back from town, the plan was to meet her and Autumn and walk back to our house together. At 21.1km I gave her a ring- As it was I completely missed where our paths should have crossed-she was 1km away in St Werburgh’s-jog on! Catching up with her my eventual total was 22.1km for the day- I would suggest that this could come off next week but I imagine Katie would start another petition on Facebook to deny that.

Please take a look at justgiving.com/bobsm100 if you would like to support my fundraising for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. If you’d like to ioin even for just a few KM’s then please get in touch.

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