Week 24: The Easiest 1/2 Marathon I’ve Ever Run

Wednesday 15th June

Unbelievable what difference a week makes. Week 23 was the absolute toughest 2 hours ofIMG_4400 this challenge so far. Tonight could not have been better. Tonight I had the pleasure of Mike Holding’s company, a friend from back in my Loughborough days. Not sure Autumn felt the same about Mike’s company so we put her to bed and headed out just the two of us!

We wanted something scenic and somewhere he’d never been before so headed off down the river run. I haven’t had company on a run for around 2 months and it just made all the difference- amazing the effect that it had on the whole experience. IMG_4402I don’t think I’ve felt that good since the Bath Half with a few thousand people to cheer me on. AmaIMG_4404zing what a difference it makes to be out of your own head and in conversation with someone else. It wasn’t like we coasted either, we ran pretty hard throughout, with quite a lot of bog to slow us down and around 250m of incline throughout the route we came in in a decent time of 1hr50mins. Sure we could probably have knuckled down and run faster but it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as enjoyable. As we finished coming up Purdown the storm clouds from earlier had paled into a crisp sunny evening over the city skyline- a beautiful end to the day. Even when we decided to add an extra km to make sure that Mike’s Strava record read 13.1miles (and mine read 22.1km!) that wasn’t a problem… felt like I could have run all night!

IMG_4393The last few weeks since the Bristol 10km have shown me the massive positive impact of company along the way. This whole journey will be so much more enjoyable and successful the more people I get involved along the way.

Thanks Mike!



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