Week 25: Bath University Loopfest

Wednesday 22nd June

Inspired by last week’s run I desperately tried to gather together a social group for this Week 25 of 52 based at the University:

Screenshot 2016-06-22 21.49.38

It didn’t disappoint. Despite getting dragged along for the first 10km, the effort only really kicked in with 2km to go to the end. Today I was joined by colleagues and friends from the University of Bath.


So I planned 4 x 5km loops around the University that would start and finish at the front door to drop off and pick up willing runners. Loop 1 was with Chris Burling and Craig Proctor- Chris being a sub 90min half marathoner and Craig being a freak of physiology I got dragged along like a rag doll to a new PB for 5km of 21mins14secs. With Sam Holmes joining us for the second loop the pace didn’t really abate…10km PB 46mins24secs… loop 3 was a party run. Having thoroughly rinsed me, Chris and Craig dropped out, up-stepped IMG_4461.PNGthe tennis programme: Barry Scollo , Pete Martin, Matt Smith and S&C colleague Dan Nisbet. Back around the loop. 4th rep, just Matt and Dan remained, we (I) emptied the tank!

Ragged, covered in mud and soaked with a mix of sweat and rain I staggered back into the tennis hall just in time to watch some matchplay with the kids. Fantastic end to a great 1/2 marathon. Thanks to everyone who came out for their support, can’t describe how much of a difference it makes to have people to push me along and keep me company.

25/52 runs down, 27 to go. Next one Sunday!


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