Week 28: 1/2 Marathon for Breakfast

Tuesday 11th July

I’ve tried it before and had mixed experiences. Week 3 I ran with Renee and felt great,IMG_4596 Week 13 I ran alone and felt absolutely horrendous. With a window in the week for a 1/2 marathon before work it was time to try running 21.1km with no breakfast once again. I didn’t go out completely unprepared, that would be suicide. I had a huge chilli with rice the night before and got well hydrated on Monday afternoon with lightly salted water. For the run I took 2 gels for the inevitable dip. On this bright start I was joined by The Bright Start, Ed McDermott for the first 10km. Ed is the bright spark who suggested this challenge in the first place back in December 2015. Over £4500 and 569.7km worth of weekly 1/2’s in, I’ve got him to “thank” for such a worthy suggestion.

IMG_4598We set off around 2 loops of the Bath Skyline, the first around Sham Castle and the neighbouring golf course, around the back of the University and secondly along the beautiful forest paths that skirts along Coombe Down. The morning was quite cool and crisp and my head felt so clear for pretty much the duration of the run. It’s not uncommon for me to run with a grey mist in my head, just a lethargic-tired feeling. This morning there was none of that and my mood and energy levels were high. This continued past the halfway stage. This clarity was pierced as I took on an innocuous incline at 16km by a shooting pain into the lateral side of my IMG_4649knee. My left leg buckled and I tripped into the nearby wall. I tried to play it cool as a few cars went past looking a bit concerned! The pain came and went in a moment. Off I went but again a pain abruptly stopped me. My beautifully clear head told me this was going to be a grim last 5km. I pressed on with my foot turned out as I continued on. The cause? Low on glucose, low electrolytes, poor physical preparation- I just don’t know, maybe a combination of all three. Week 28 will be marked as my first cramping episode in this campaign! Also my first blister this week, a plump little peach on my third toe of my right foot (opposite side to the cramping).

IMG_4608I’m still undecided as to going out without breakfast before morning runs. On the one hand I do like the clarity of mind and lightness that I feel sometimes when I don’t eat. On the flip side, nearly 2hrs of tarmac requires a lot of energy and I have run my best times on a massive amount of carbohydrates. Anyhow, after eating my first half for breakfast, it felt great to take on my second breakfast- a full English before starting work for the day.

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