Week 29: Summer Sizzler

Wednesday 20th July

IMG_0635The only thing Stu Loughrey and I were grateful for tonight was that we didn’t run it last night! On Tuesday the temperature hit 30 degrees and we agreed that this was going to be 2hrs of pure suffering! Last time I ran in the heat on Week 23 it was utter misery and I was very conscious of avoiding a repeat! We were initially due to start at 6, then 7 and in the end began at 8pm. Both of us had absolutely no problems pushing the start time back to avoid the evening heat. Starting from Whiteladies in Bristol we looped around some beautiful parts of the City. Durdham Downs, Clifton and Clifton Bridge, through Leigh IMG_4657Woods and onto the Ashton Court Golf Course. We made the decision to avoid as much uphill as possible. Stu’s calves were in pieces from painting on his tip-toes up a ladder all day (pro athletes IMG_4666eh!?) and I didn’t fancy a repeat of a gun-shot-cramp to my left calf from week 28. So all-in-all it was damage limitation hats on as we
set out in what turned out to be a beautiful evening in Bristol. We finished off with a second loop around Durdham Downs and hit 21.1km down Whiteladies Road. We were greeted at Stu’s place by a magnificent spread of steak, sweet potatoes with macaroni and cheese and a beer. A sophisticated end to a sophisticated evening around the posh side of Bristol!

Week 29/52 survived….






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