Week 30: Gromit Unleashed at Cribbs Causeway


Thursday 28th July

Back in 2013 Ardman Animations launched a city wide art campaign with 80 fiberglass statues of Gromit of Nick Parke’s Wallace & Gromit. Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 22.18.33Each Gromit was given a unique design from famous artists, designers and celebrities including Pixar Animations, Cath Kidson and Joanna Lumley- the results were stunning. In October of that year, the gromits were sold at auction and raised £2,357,000 for The Bristol Children’s Hospital. Since then The Grand Appeal have repeated the campaign last year with Shaun in the City raising £1,087,900.

IMG_4711Until 2nd September, 18 of the Gromit Unleashed gang are on display at Cribb’s Causway. Tonight I took at trip to the Mall to go see them! My scenic route took me 12kms up to the shopping centre and all went to plan. After a bit of a cramming carb loading day I packed some gels into my pockets and planned to get some sugar at Cribbs to keep me going the full route. I’m not sure what the girl behind the desk thought when I ran into the shop and asked her to take a photo for me! I ran back out, into Boots, Coca-Cola and a
bottle of water plus a few dodgy looks and back out the door for the last 9kms. One IMG_4729problem, downing a 1/2 litre of coca cola creates quite a large bubble IMG_4730in your stomach- by 2kms I was down to 6min10secs kms… mainly due to having to stop every few minutes to either fart or burp! Agonisingly slow, I continued along the dual carriageway and edged my way home. Inspired once again by my BT Tower, I caught a glimpse of it by the Royal Mail sorting office. That’s where my girls would be, time once again to grind it out. After a few more K’s enough was enough, stop being a whiney little b**ch and get on with it. I even took a photo to memorise that sentiment for prosperity…..

This is what a low point looks like….
Home just in time for Autumn’s bedtime, yet another different experience and once again pushing on with gratitude every step of the way for what this amazing hospital has done for my family

If you’d like to know more about Gromit Unleashed or Shaun In The City check out these links. You can even buy miniature figurines with all proceeds going straight to The Grand Appeal- great gift!


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