Week 35: God’s Country

For in six days the The Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them but on the seventh day… He built Yorkshire!

Exodus 20:11

The Yorkshire Dales has to be one of my most favourite places on the planet. You can never appreciate how many shades of green are possible until you see a picturesque Dales landscape on a sunny day. The turbulence of the weather makes it all the more wild and remote.

Today my destination was Buckden- a tiny village on the cusp of the hills that the Tour de France graced 2 years ago. Katie, Autumn and I drove up from Bristol for a wedding weekend out in the sticks and the girls dumped me out of the car in Cracoe. The first 5km were very forgettable running on a busy A-road, hopping up and down the verge as lorries from the local mine stormed past me. Crossing East over the river into Grassington and then back north I skipped through a farmer’s field on the Wharfdale Way. A stunning path that skirts the River Wharf upstream towards the source. In 10km of running I saw more wild horses than I did people. Seeing convoys of cars on the opposite side of the road it felt like I’d found a secret road all to myself. Having done 2 carb loading days (fed to run on Wednesday but didn’t) this week I had no shortage of energy passing through Kettlewell into the last 6km- the only thing slowing me down was a farmers gate every 100m or so- not conducive to a fast finish! I’ve walked this stretch of the Dales many times and it was an absolute pleasure to finish up and take a lonesome short stroll and finish in Buckden just in time for the Cragg’s wedding pre-wedding reception.


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