Week 36: Treadmill

Wednesday 7th September

This is a half marathon that I’ve been dreading since we conceived the idea a few months img_5109ago. The attempt was to coincide with the official opening of the new Team Bath Gym by Olympic gold medalist Colin Jackson. In the weeks before I had some equally stupid souls suggest that they would join alongside me for a half marathon but one-by-one they fell quietly away. I can understand why, the morning of this one made me nervous. I’ve never enjoyed treadmills. The incessant grind of the belt under your feet and the endless amount of data detailing your demise. I think it was also a mixture of zero excuses (i.e., no hills or gates to slow me down) and peer pressure that the target had to be going faster than I’d gone img_5105before which was obviously going to be painful…

… And so it was. The Team Bath MCTA tennis academy filled the treadmills next to me img_5108
taking it in turns from start to finish. James Mitchell, one of our injured players even came in especially to walk the whole lot alongside me. Megan Fletcher (judo) and Molly MacKenzie (modern pentathlon) also coming along for the ride and did some great fundraising as well. I watched every metre and every second ticking by in front of me and skipped up and down in pace pushing 1.5km intervals with 500m at a lower pace and then back up again for the next one. From 11km-21km the machine left me with no doubt that 12km/hr (5minute km’s) were required to beat the 100minutes. 13km then 12.5km then 12km… And repeat for the next 30minutes.

1hr38mins16secs is the new record for me. Massive relief to have got this one done. Next goal is to repeat that on the road. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the day and put some money in the bucket as well. Over £105 collected for the day.

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