Week 37: The Psychology of a Slow 1/2 Marathon

Wednesday 14th September

img_5238Middle of September… surely this weather is going to cool down!? After the ordeal of Week 37’s Treadmill, the goal of this week was to get back on the road and stride out another. Last week left my legs absolutely dead, not painful- just empty! I’ve made this mistake before where you head out for a cruisey 21km. Pick a familiar and enjoyable route, avoid too many hills and just wait for the miles to pass by. The problem is there’s 13 odd miles to let “pass by” and these runs are never easy, however relaxed you take them. It’s odd but atleast if you’re striving for a best time then you’re expecting to suffer. It hurts but you’re being aggressive pushing all the time. Take 10% off that speed like I did tonight and you expect it to be easier. But your head tricks you img_5463as for me it’s still a tough thing to do. My passive mindset just isn’t prepared for the fight. This afternoon it was hot with the September sunshine baking down on me. I’ve had a lot worse this year but difficult all the same. My latest running meditation is on the img_5243wonderment of what my body is doing as I run and what it’s capable of. I can lose myself for 30mins on this storyline. The positive feelings of gratitude, luck and wonderment can stave off any indulgment of negativity
when you consider how insignificant my suffering is in the history of suffering. It’s just not that comfortable running for 100+mins. There’s a tranquility in discomfort if you can find it.


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