Week 41: Friday Night Grind

Friday 14th October

After 12 hours at work after a rough week there is absolutely no way I would have gone out tonight if I had any other option, but I didn’t! I would have jumped in my car, crawled my way back to Bristol in nose-to-tail traffic and collapsed on the sofa followed for an early night. I was going to run to work Tuesday but woke up feeling so rough I called in sick for work. We celebrated Autumn’s first birthday on Wednesday night followed by a mini party on Thursday night. And with that Friday was upon me. No excuses and no other options, if img_5724I conceded then the whole challenge would be tainted. I can be really flakey in other areas of my life, disorganised to the point where I don’t commit to anything more than a few days in advance. I decided on this challenge because it counteracted a lot of these tendencies. It’s difficulty is in the consistency and regularity of the runs. The rules are simple and clear and there’s little wiggle room. From this structure I’ve delivered on a promise which has been by far the most significant personal achievement of my year, maybe my life. It makes me think that I should set up all of my goals like this: commit to something with regularity at the heart of it. Publicise it to create accountability. The problem with these types of goals is that they are scary to commit to. For the majority of runs this year I’ve been pretty unenthusiastic about heading out. I guess that’s why most of the time we img_5731don’t create accountability in our goals, because it makes us uncomfortable and put us in a position where we might just have to do something that we don’t want to do. Tonight was just one of countless occasions when my self discipline would have failed me. I set out tonight with Craig Proctor who I managed to pressgang img_5726into 10km with me. We set out at
at dusk, up to Bathampton, back through Bath City Centre via the canal. Before long, Craig was done and we said farewell. Darkness
took over and I looked to repeat our 10km loop alone. The pace dropped severely and I conceded a positive mindset to the grind. Run ’til it’s done. Just to cap it off the struggle, I finished the last 1.5km up Widcombe Hill, a viscous ascent back up to the University. By 8pm work had cleared out. No fanfare, no drama. I just picked up my bag and walked back out the door. Another one done. Never in doubt.

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