Week 44: Sorry State of Affairs

Tuesday 1st November

Tonight’s run ended with a bus ride home! Bloody necessary as well. I was in pieces, cramps crawling up my right side from calf into knee and rachetting my hamstring tighter and tighter! I left work and ran a route I’ve done a few times this year from Bath-Bristol along the A4. All was going to plan until the last 2km at which point my route home got a whole lot messier! Wanting to avoid running across St Philip’s dual carriageway in the dark I spotted a little path going underneath it through the retail park. IMG_5830.PNGSurely it comes out at the end of the dual carriage way and I can nip back onto my route and finish my 21.1km in St Werburgh’s for a slow 1km jog home from there. It didn’t. The path coughed me out in the arse end of Lawrence Hill and after going around the houses a few time, the distance was done but getting home to a hot bath was far from over.

I rang Katie. Autumn was in bed there was nothing she could do to come pick me up! Having stopped in the cold I was cramping worse and now limping towards Easton with a pathetic kind of tic-toc running action. I resigned to the idea of walking home. It would take about an hour. As I crossed Easton high street it struck me that this was part of the bus route towards my house. I ran to the nearest stop. I was overjoyed at seeing the #24 just 2minutes away. I ran again to get cash and got a few strange looks when I limped onto the bus and slumped at the front, sweat dried on my face, shivering and scoffing a chocolate milkshake and a bounty bar! I’ve never been so chuffed to buy myself an overpriced bus ride!

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